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Lynn’s #1 Catering Platters
Jrb Mini Roast Beef Sliders 50.00 100.00
Mini Chicken Kabob Sandwiches   
Served with lettuce and creamy Greek dressing
45.00 90.00
Assorted Wrap Platter 
Chicken Salad, Tuna, Ham or Turkey and Cheese, Roast Beef, Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Caesar, Vegan, Veggie, Greek Salad, Spinach, Feta and Craisins. Choice of wraps: Plain, Wheat, Sundried Tomato and Spinach
45.00 90.00
Small feeds 10 to 12 people, large feeds 20 to 25 people
House Garden  
35.00 70.00
Greek Salad
40.00 80.00
Caesar Salad 
40.00 80.00
John’s Signature Salad
Garden mix lettuce mixed with romaine, served with tomatoes, red onions, mandarin oranges and craisins topped off with fried wonton strips. Suggested dressing in our raspberry walnut vinaigrette
45.00 80.00
Macaroni Pasta Salad one size
Suggested dressings: House or Creamy
Chicken Fingers
50.00 100.00
Buffalo Fingers
50.00 100.00
Mozzarella Sticks 
50.00 100.00
Broccoli Bites
50.00 100.00
Chicken Wings
50.00 100.00
Jalapeno Poppers 
50.00 100.00
Make Your Own Platter  50.00 100.00
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